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In the final sprint to Virginia election day

Sunday - 9/1/2013, 1:10pm  ET

AP Political Writer

ABINGDON, Va. (AP) - After this long, last summer holiday weekend, the swimming pools close down, vacations come to an end, most public schools reopen and many Virginians will finally confront the gubernatorial race that polling shows they've ignored so far.

What they'll find is a race riven by scandals dogging both major party candidates, lots of money buying lots of snarky ads that contort facts, and a third-party candidate with little money but the ability to siphon away enough votes to influence the outcome.

Traditionally, Labor Day parades and celebrations mark the final sprint to the first Tuesday in November. But the fact is, Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe hit full-throttle some time ago and haven't let up.

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