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D.C. police introduce new bloodhound, Sam

Thursday - 8/29/2013, 4:57pm  ET

'He is the detective of the canine world,' D.C. Chief of Police Cathy Lanier says about the department's newest crime fighter, Sam the bloodhound.
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WASHINGTON -- The D.C. police department introduced a new bloodhound trained to track human scent.

His name is Sam, and he has been in training at a center in Culpeper, Va. since he was just 8 weeks old.

Officials say the dog's purpose is to track people over long distances.

"Bloodhounds have an incredible sense of smell," Lanier says.

"They can track scents that are days and weeks old. They can still focus on that scent even if other animals or human beings have traversed that scent."

This particular talent will serve as a complement to the 41 department dogs already on the force.

Most of those other canines help track bombs or drugs, but none have Sam's sense of smell.

"He is the detective of the canine world," Lanier says.

She calls him an "ambassador for the department" because of his good looks and happy personality.

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