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Future still uncertain for Georgetown boathouse

Thursday - 12/27/2012, 9:36pm  ET

Andrew Mollenbeck,

WASHINGTON The future of a landmark boathouse along the Georgetown Waterfront remains uncertain, as the National Park Service intends to move from the current lease structure to a concessions contract.

The lease for Jack's Boathouse goes back to the original owner, Jack Baxter, and the District of Columbia.

When the land was turned over to the National Park Service, the lease moved with it.

Now, however, the Park Service wants to terminate the "unusual" lease and go forward with a uniform format.

"By having a temporary concessions contract, we're able not only to figure out what the fair market value is, but also to protect the cultural and natural resources that we have," says Carol Johnson, a spokeswoman for the National Park Service.

"In order to do that, we had to actually end the lease so that we could advertise for a contract," she says.

Though date-specific plans for eviction are on hold, the current owner, Paul Simkin, is actively promoting the boathouse's story in hopes of preserving it.

But recognizing the tide may be against him, he says he's now helping employees look for other jobs.

The Park Service says Simkin can bid for the new contract, though he still may have to pack up the boathouse before that happens.

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