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Va. DMV: Skip '13' through multi-year car renewal

Wednesday - 10/31/2012, 4:40pm  ET

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is hoping to cash in on superstitious Virginians looking to avoid the number 13.

In its Halloween news release, the agency said that if your vehicle registration is up for renewal this year, then your car's tags will display the number 13 if you renew for one year.

But fear not, the department says you can avoid that fate by renewing tags for two or even three years. Renewing for more than one year also will result in a discount in renewal fees

Avoiding the superstitious number can be traced back to medieval times. The DMV says witches' covens are associated with having 13 members, Friday the 13th is considered for some to be an unlucky day and some hotels avoid a floor 13.

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