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Jamestown Poles honored with Va. markers

Friday - 7/20/2012, 2:21pm  ET

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - The contribution of the first Polish people to arrive in America with other Jamestown settlers is being recognized with the dedication of an historical marker.

A ceremony Friday in Williamsburg will include remarks from representatives of the American Council for Polish Culture and local officials.

Polish craftsmen arrived in Jamestown in October 1608 aboard the Mary and Margaret. Recruited by the Virginia Company, the Poles contributed to the development of a glass factory and the production of potash, naval stores and wood products.

The Poles' work was so highly valued, they were assigned apprentices so their skills would live on. Capt. John Smith also praised their work ethic in his writings.

Poles were granted full voting rights on July 21, 1619.



American Council for Polish Culture:

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