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'Serial killer' suspect's carjacking, gun trial begins

Wednesday - 6/29/2011, 3:52pm  ET

Neal Augenstein,

GREENBELT, Md. - In opening statements at Jason T. Scott's trial in federal court on Wednesday, prosecutors told jurors Scott was a UPS worker by day who broke into homes, held victims at gunpoint and beat them by night.

Scott, the man a police chief once called "one of America's most infamous killers," is in federal court on six federal offences ranging from carjacking and gun possession to child porn.

In one home, prosecutors say Scott videotaped himself sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

Scott is also charged in state court with the 2009 murders of Delores Dewitt and her 20-year-old daughter Ebony. Added, he is the suspect in the murder of another Maryland mother and daughter, Karen Lofton and 16-year-old Karissa.

In court Wednesday, one victim described her intruder as a ninja warrior who broke in during the night wearing a dark mask and gloves while pointing his gun.

Prosecutors say investigators found stolen guns and silencers in Scott's bedroom along with the mask and gloves he wore while committing the crimes.

Scott's attorney told jurors that while his client is a gun enthusiast, evidence will show Scott was not involved in the break-ins. Instead, his attorney argued, others took advantage of his desire to be accepted.

This federal trial is likely to reveal more evidence that had prompted former Prince George's County Police Chief Roberto Hylton to proclaim several times that history would show the person who killed the Dewitts was one of the country's most prolific serial killers.

In search warrant affidavits filed in the federal case, obtained by WTOP and first reported in May, police suggest the Dewitts were murdered in their home.

"There were drag marks from (Ebony's) bedroom and down a set of stairs," according to court documents.

Police say the carpet was also still wet with bleach.

"These drag marks started at the bleach marks and ended at the front door of the home."

According to the affidavit, the victims were taken to an unknown location for 24 hours, before being put in a stolen car that was later set on fire.

Detectives believe Scott had help in moving the bodies from the unknown location to the car, although he is the only person charged in the killings.

In the search of a nearby home, "detectives located remnants of a female shirt, which was burned. Detectives also located burned pieces of blue jeans and strands of burned hair of a black female."

Scott's murder trial in Prince George's County Circuit Court is scheduled to run six weeks beginning November 7.

WTOP's Andrew Mollenbeck contributed to this report.

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