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Mystery deepens surrounding Led Zeppelin show in Wheaton

Friday - 4/15/2011, 6:51am  ET

Robert Plant (AP)
In his younger years, Robert Plant may have played in Wheaton. (AP File Photo/1995)

Neal Augenstein,

WASHINGTON -- If you'd seen Led Zeppelin play a concert in a tiny recreation center with just a few other fans, you'd probably remember it.

Whether it actually happened, or is merely rock lore, historians and music fans remain fascinated by Led Zeppelin's Jan. 20, 1969 concert at the Wheaton Youth Center.

Led Zeppelin's official website lists the concert in the band's timeline of performances between 1968 and 2007, as "officially unconfirmed and no proof has yet surfaced."

Music historian and documentary filmmaker Jeff Krulik, whose credits include Heavy Metal Parking Lot "has hours and hours of tape" for his new project, Led Zeppelin Played Here, which explores the Wheaton show.

Krulik will show a rough cut of his project during the upcoming ZepFest, a three-day festival of all things Zeppelin, coming to National Harbor this Memorial Day weekend.

"We're certainly going to explore the possibility that the night Richard Nixon was inaugurated, Led Zeppelin played in Wheaton," says Mark Boudreau, chief executive officer and festival director of ZepFest.

Krulik has been gathering footage and interviews to determine whether the concert ever occurred.

"No new breakthroughs, but I take everyone's word at face value, including promoter DJ Barry Richards and quite a few that claim it did happen," Krulik tells WTOP.

"No tickets, flyers, photos, diary entries, radio spots, concrete evidence has surfaced, and likely never will," says Krulik.

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