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NFL Week 12 recap: Giving thanks for ... Donovan McNabb?

Tuesday - 11/27/2012, 8:28am  ET

Seeing Donovan McNabb in a Vikings uniform - and the fact that one of the picks from that swap was used for Alfred Morris - are reasons for Redskins fans to be thankful. (AP)
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Rob Woodfork,

WASHINGTON - Thanksgiving is over, and even though we're done with the leftovers and our relatives have left the guest room (if they haven't, you have my sympathy), there's still a lot for which to be thankful. I'll leave you to your own devices for the personal stuff ... I'm just here to give thanks for what I deem the best of the NFL this season. In no particular order:

Robert Griffin III

Regardless of your rooting interests, you have to appreciate what this kid is doing. His four-touchdown performance Thursday marked the first time in Redskins history a QB has passed for four TDs in consecutive games. Not to mention he's thrown those eight TDs in a span of just five days. His 16-to-4 ratio of TDs to INTs is incredible for a rookie. Furthermore, he's just about the only reason the 'Skins are watchable, let alone competitive. Every week he does something to blow your mind, and Washington gets a front-row seat for all of it.

The Donovan McNabb deal

No, not the ill-fated one that brought No. 5 from Philly to Washington. I'm talking about the swap that sent him from D.C. to Minnesota. Because in that deal, the Skins got a sixth-round pick that would later be used on some kid from Florida Atlantic named Alfred Morris, who is easily in the mix for Offensive Rookie of the Year after Thursday's 113-yard outing. If the 'Skins continue to hit on mid/late- round picks, it will certainly ease the pain of being without their first-round pick each of the next two years.

NFL parity

Even though the division races in the AFC are all but decided, the NFC still has three divisions up for grabs. Heading into December, only Carolina and Philly are completely out of the NFC playoff mix, while the AFC has eight teams lined up for the fifth and sixth spots as well. Translation: We'll have meaningful football played in all but about seven or eight NFL cities throughout the month of December. Somewhere, late commissioner Pete Rozell is smiling.

The New York Jets

You win, then you talk. Not the other way around. Somehow, Rex Ryan hasn't received that memo just yet. I know it's an annoying (and every once in a while, entertaining) trait that runs through his veins (his dad Buddy and brother Rob also have a habit of letting their mouths write checks their respective football teams can't cash), but he's got to know that coaching in the Big Apple exacerbates the scrutiny when things don't go well. Yet and still, seeing mouthy, mediocre teams get a rude jolt of reality just feels right. Even if that snakebitten fanbase doesn't deserve it.

Football on Thanksgiving

Need I say more? I do? Oh, right. The Week 12 recap:

Texans 34
Lions 31 (OT)

Great game for four quarters, but I'm still trying to figure out why nobody seemed to want to win in overtime. Were these guys trying to avoid their families or something?

Oh, and that red flag rule needs to go immediately. That Justin Forsett 81-yard non-touchdown might have changed the complexion of the playoff picture in both conferences.

Redskins 38
Cowboys 31

RGIII and company went into Dallas and pulled off the football equivalent of walking into someone's house on Thanksgiving, eating all their food, kissing their wife on the mouth and leaving the joint unscathed despite a full-on chase from the homeowner. And it was long overdue.

Patriots 49
Jets 19

How bad are the Jets? Fireman Ed quit on them. If that doesn't get Rex Ryan fired, I'm not sure what will.

Vikings 10
Bears 28

Many (myself included) don't think that much of Jay Cutler, but given the way Chicago plays when he's in the lineup, perhaps we should start changing our thinking about where he ranks among starting NFL QBs.

Raiders 10
Bengals 34

If you've ever gotten a divorce, fallen on hard times and then come back to see your ex thriving in a great new relationship, please call Carson Palmer. He could use some sympathy right about now.

Steelers 14
Browns 20

Well, Cleveland...there could be something to waving a white flag after all. Pittsburgh responded by handing you the ball eight times. This we know: If Ben Roethlisberger isn't back in the black and gold for the trip to Baltimore, the Steelers could be waving a white flag of their own.

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