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Saturday - 5/3/2014, 8:50am  ET



Official: Boy who stowed away on jet leaves Hawaii

HONOLULU (AP) -- An official says the 15-year-old boy who survived a 5½-hour flight from California to Hawaii in a jet's wheel well has left the state.

Hawaii Department of Human Services spokeswoman Kayla Rosenfeld said late Friday night that the youth is "no longer in Hawaii."

Her brief emailed statement did not specify how or when Yahya Abdi left, who he traveled with or where he went.

The boy's father arrived in Hawaii this week from the family's home in Santa Clara, California, to bring him back.

Rosenfeld had said previously that the teen was in a Honolulu hospital after being transferred to state custody from the Maui airport, where he was questioned by FBI and airport officials following the April 20 flight.

Yahya Abdi withstood the flight inside the Boeing 767's wheel well at 35,000 feet despite freezing cold and a lack of oxygen.


NEW: Egyptian court jails 102 Islamists for 10 years

An Egyptian criminal court has sentenced 102 defendants it describes as Muslim Brotherhood supporters to 10 years in prison each on charges of violent rioting in a Cairo neighborhood and possession of weapons.

Egypt's state news agency said the Saturday ruling puts the defendants under police surveillance for a period of five years after the end of their prison sentences. Two other defendants were jailed for seven years in the case.

The ruling is linked to demonstrations staged to protest the overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi by the military in July. Morsi's ouster followed days of mass demonstrations demanding his resignation.

The prosecutors charged the defendants with gathering illegally with intent to inflict material and moral harm to others and public property, which led to one death.


NEW: Syria activists: car bomb death toll rises to 23

BEIRUT (AP) -- Syrian activists say that the death toll from two car bombs that struck two small villages in the central province of Hama has risen to 23 people, including 14 children.

Rami Abdurrahman of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Saturday that the figure was likely to rise further. The rigged vehicles exploded Friday in the villages of Jadreen and Humayri, which are about a 20-minute drive, or 19 kilometers (11 miles) apart. It wasn't immediately clear if the two attacks were coordinated.

The bombings were also reported by state-run Syrian television on Friday.

Car bombs have been increasingly used by rebels fighting to overthrow the rule of President Bashar Assad, adding another grim dimension to a war that has already killed over 150,000 people.


NEW: 2 Kenyan police arrested transporting ivory

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- Kenyan wildlife authorities say two police officers have been arrested transporting illegal elephant ivory as the government cracks down on poaching of the country's endangered elephants and rhinos.

Kenya Wildlife Service said Saturday the officers were caught with six pieces of ivory at a road block while travelling from the central Kenyan town of Meru to the capital Friday night.

Last month Kenya's central government said it will oversee the running of the country's wildlife authority for the next three months in a bid to stop poaching of the country's elephants and rhinos.

Poachers have killed 18 rhinos and 51 elephants so far this year. Last year 302 elephants were killed in Kenya, down from 384 in 2012, out of an estimated population of 35,000.


Obama promotes his record in 'Year of Action'

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama is promoting the work he's done in what he's calling his "Year of Action."

In his weekly radio and online address Saturday, the president says he's taken more than 20 executive actions to help the economy. The White House paired the address with a 28-page progress report detailing each action.

With midterm elections six months away, Obama is criticizing congressional Republicans for blocking a minimum wage increase and other parts of his economic agenda. House Speaker John Boehner's office responds that if Obama really wants to create jobs, he'd approve the Keystone XL pipeline to bring oil from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries.

In the Republican address, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida says Obama should be imposing tougher sanctions on Russia over unrest in Ukraine.


OSCE observers held in Ukraine being released

SLOVYANSK, Ukraine (AP) -- The leader of pro-Russia insurgents in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slovyansk (SLAHV'-yansk) says the military observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe who were held for more than a week have been released.

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