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US wants independent, European future for Moldova

Sunday - 3/30/2014, 11:40am  ET

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) -- A U.S. official said Washington supports "an independent and European future" for ex-Soviet republic Moldova amid concerns Russia could try and annex the country's separatist Trans-Dniester region.

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said Sunday that "we support the right of Moldovans to choose their own future." She said the U.S. wants Moldova to strengthen its economy and implement democratic reforms. The U.S. has given Moldova $10 million to secure its borders, but Nuland didn't provide details. Moldova's government wants to sign an association agreement with the European Union this year.

Russia and separatist authorities on Friday complained of Ukraine's recent moves to limit travel across the border into Trans-Dniester where Russia has 1,500 troops.

In a 2006 referendum, pro-Russian Trans-Dniester said it would like to join Russia.

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