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Senate Democrats keep the lights on in climate change talkathon

Tuesday - 3/11/2014, 3:20pm  ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Some Democratic senators may have to catch up on some sleep tonight -- after being up last night to issue a warning about climate change.

More than two dozen speakers addressed a nearly empty chamber in an all-night Senate session, talking about the need to act on climate change. Republicans largely stayed away, after arguing earlier that regulation would cost American jobs in a sluggish economy.

The talk-a-thon ended at around 9 a.m., almost 15 hours after it began.

Hawaii's Brian Schatz said, "Climate change Is real, it is caused by humans, and it is solvable." Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut spoke about fuel cells built in his state, and said, "We can translate climate destruction into a positive."

Republicans challenged Democrats to bring legislation to the floor to address the problem -- secure in the knowledge that they won't. GOP Leader Mitch McConnell noted that Democrats failed to pass a carbon tax bill in 2009 and 2010, when they controlled the 60 Senate seats necessary to overcome any Republican blocking tactics.

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