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US woos wary China on Ukraine

Monday - 3/10/2014, 3:28pm  ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration is trying to get China's support for efforts to isolate Russia over its military intervention in Ukraine.

Since the crisis began, reaction from China has been neutral. The White House says President Barack Obama spoke to Chinese President XI Jinping (shee jihn-peeng) last night, to try to get China off the fence.

According to a White House statement, Obama appealed to China's well-known opposition to outside intervention in the domestic affairs of other nations.

But it's not clear whether China will side with the United States and Europe or with Moscow, which has accused the West of sparking the Ukraine crisis by "meddling" in Ukraine's internal affairs.

Obama's call to China's leader was part of an effort by the president to rally world leaders around the idea that Russia's incursion into Crimea violates international law.

Obama will host Ukraine's new prime minister at the White House on Wednesday. The U.S. has promised Ukraine's new government $1 billion in loan guarantees, to supplement a $15 billion aid package from Europe.

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