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Winners of Tuesday's Virginia primaries

Wednesday - 6/12/2013, 12:40am  ET

The Associated Press

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Winners of Tuesday's Virginia primary elections with the winner's percent of the vote over opponent, according to largely complete but unofficial totals. Incumbents are designated by their legislative titles.

Lieutenant Governor (Dem), Ralph Northam with 54.3 percent over Aneesh Chopra; open seat.

Attorney General (Dem), Mark Herring with 51.6 percent over Justin Fairfax; open seat.

House District 6 (GOP), Jeff Campbell with 70.6 percent over Jack Weaver; open seat.

House District 15 (GOP), Del. Todd Gilbert with 92.1 percent over Mark Prince.

House District 16 (GOP), Les Adams with 80.3 percent over Kenneth Bowman; open seat.

House District 28 (GOP), Speaker William J. Howell with 91.6 percent over Craig Ennis.

House District 29 (GOP), Mark J. Berg with 51.3 percent over Del. Beverly Sherwood.

House District 33 (GOP), Dave LaRock with 57.4 percent over Del. Joe May.

House District 54 (GOP), Del. Bobby Orrock with 56.7 percent over Dustin Curtis.

House District 63 (Dem), Del. Rosalyn Dance with 52.9 percent over Evandra Thompson.

House District 85 (GOP), Scott Taylor with 44.6 percent over Gary Byler and Jeremy Waters; open seat.

House District 86 (Dem), Jennifer Boysko with 77.3 percent over Herb Kemp; open seat.

House District 90 (Dem), Del. Algie T. Howell with 68.1 percent over Rick James.


Source: The Associated Press.

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