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Recalls this week: Children's lamps, lawn mowers

Friday - 12/13/2013, 4:40pm  ET

The Associated Press

Millions of IKEA children's are being recalled this week after a child became entangled in its cord and died. Other consumer products being recalled include lawn mowers with blades that can break and televisions with an electronic component that can fail and catch fire.

Here's a more detailed outlook:


DETAILS: IKEA children's SMILA-series wall-mounted lamps sold in eight designs, including a blue star, yellow moon, pink flower, white flower, red heart, green bug, blue seashell and, an orange seahorse. The blue star is the STJÄRNA model with article numbers 501.944.49 or 500.108.79. The yellow moon is the MÅNE model with article numbers 701.944.48 or 700.108.40. The pink flower is the BLOMMA model with article numbers 901.944.47 or 000.979.50. The white flower is the BLOMMA model with article number 300-746-50. The red heart is the HJÄRTA model with article numbers 202.256.59 or 801.993.13. The green bug is the BAGGE model with article numbers 101.944.46 or 700.728.71. The blue seashell is the SNÄCKA model with article number 400-982-50. The orange seahorse is the SJÖHÄST model with article number 900-982-43.

The model name is printed on a label on the inside back of the lamp near the light bulb. The article number is printed on the lamp's packaging. They were sold exclusively at IKEA stores nationwide, in IKEA's catalog and online at from July 1999 through May 2013.

WHY: The cord poses a risk of strangulation.

INCIDENTS: A 16-month-old child in a crib died after getting entangled in the lamp's cord. In a separate incident, a 15-month-old child in a crib became entangled in the lamp's cord and nearly strangled. In both incidents, which occurred in Europe, the lamp cord was pulled into the crib by the infants, creating a strangulation hazard.

HOW MANY: There were 2.9 million of the recalled lamps sold in the U.S. In addition, 1.1 million were sold in Canada. There was a total of 23 million sold worldwide.

FOR MORE: Call IKEA at 888-966-4532 or visit and click on the Recall link at the top of the page for more information.


DETAILS: Solowave Tornado brand home playground tube slides with port holes. The slides are green, six or seven feet long and have three or five port hole-style plastic windows in the sides. The slides were sold with Solowave's Centennial, Centennial II, Lexington, Rocky Mountain Deluxe and Sheridan play systems, and were also sold separately. Solowave Design is stamped on the outside of the slides near the middle of each tube slide section. They were sold at Toys R Us and other stores nationwide, and online at from February 2008 through August 2013.

WHY: The plastic port hole-type windows in the tube slide can break, posing a laceration hazard to children.

INCIDENTS: 23 reports of minor injuries to children, including cuts and scrapes, from contact with broken port holes.

HOW MANY: About 10,800 in the U.S. and 9,900 in Canada.

FOR MORE: Call Solowave at 866-678-0376 or visit and click on Important Safety Notice for more information.


DETAILS: Linear PERS transmitters, which are components of Linear PERS products and allow users to push a button on the transmitter to summon assistance. Transmitter models DXS-LRC, DXS-LRC-LA, DXS-LRP and DXS-LRW made from June 2013 to July 2013 with date codes 1306 and 1307 representing the year and month, and 1329 (representing the 29th week of 2013) are included in the recall. The model and date codes appear on the back of the transmitter. They were sold at independent PERS distributors and dealers nationwide from June 2013 through August 2013.

WHY: The battery clips in the transmitters can corrode causing the transmitters to operate intermittently or not at all, without generating a warning.

INCIDENTS: One report of a transmitter that failed to operate. No injuries have been reported.

HOW MANY: About 48,000.

FOR MORE: Call Linear at 855-554-2384 or visit and click on Recalls for more information.


DETAILS: 2013 Exmark Commercial 30-inch Walk-Behind Mowers, model ECKA30 and serial numbers ranging from 313605897 to 313660824. The phrases "Commercial 30" and "Exmark" are printed on the front of the black and red mower. "Exmark" is also printed on the side of the mower. The model and serial numbers are located on a decal affixed to the engine base above the left rear tire. They were sold by Exmark dealers nationwide from November 2012 through October 2013.

WHY: The mower's blade can break and injure the user and others nearby.

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