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Stocks reverse course...AOL reports email security breach...Microsoft warns of security gap

Monday - 4/28/2014, 3:21pm  ET

NEW YORK (AP) -- Stocks have turned negative in afternoon trading on Wall Street, after starting the day higher. Falling technology and bank stocks are dampening investors' excitement about a potential blockbuster pharmaceutical deal. The Nasdaq is taking the brunt of the afternoon selling as investors dump risky tech and biotech stocks.

UNDATED (AP) -- AOL says a security breach may have exposed the private information of a "significant number" of its email users' accounts. The company says email addresses, postal addresses, address books, encrypted passwords and encrypted answers to security questions of users may have been exposed. AOL believes spammers used the contact information to make emails appear to be from a known sender to trick people into opening them.

REDMOND, Wash. (AP) -- Microsoft says a security gap in Internet Explorer could allow an attacker to take complete control of a computer if the user clicks on a link to a malicious website. The vulnerability affects versions 6 through 11 of the Web browser. Microsoft says it's working on a safety fix. The Homeland Security Department recommends users download a security toolkit from Microsoft or use another browser until an update becomes available.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- A federal court has delayed closing arguments in the Apple and Samsung trial because of an appeals court ruling in another case on a related issue. After asking experts from both sides whether Friday's ruling in a legal dispute between Apple and Motorola has any bearing, the judge rescheduled closing arguments for tomorrow. Apple accuses Samsung of infringing on the patent for "quick links," which allow users to send phone numbers directly to a device's dialer.

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Google says it has turned a corner in its pursuit of a car that can drive itself. The leader of the tech giant's driverless car project writes in a blog post that test vehicles are becoming far more adept at city driving. They already can comfortably handle freeways, but city driving presents an obstacle course of jaywalkers, bicyclists and blind corners. Google says the cars can now negotiate thousands of urban situations that would have stumped them a year or two ago. Google wants to get the technology to the public by 2017.

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