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Matchmaking service serves would-be co-parents, not daters

Saturday - 12/28/2013, 10:14am  ET

WASHINGTON - If your biological clock is ticking but you've got no mate, where do you go?

Ivan Fatovic hopes it's to "We provide an introduction just like any other dating site," says Fatovic. But he says the difference is that the goal isn't dating, marriage or even romance. It's for having a child and co-parenting him or her.

"You know there's lots of sites to get a sperm donor," says single mom Rachel Hope, who turned to Modamily in order to grow her family.

"This is a site that helps in finding an actual partner to parent with." Fatovic says they try to hook up people who are at a stage in their life where they're ready to have children. The fee-based website offers profiles of potential parents and guidance for the process.

"We provide resources for going about it in the most responsible way," says Fatovic.

That includes suggestions such as spending time really getting to know each other, seeing a counselor and going to an attorney to draft a co-parenting agreement.

Hope says "You've got to hash out all the big topics, from money to religion to vaccines. You have to talk about everything important to this child."

This co-parenting agreement, also known as a custody agreement, can be as specific as the parents want, according to Maryland family law attorney Brian Barke.

"You can set it up for each and every day of the week," he says. Co-parents don't have a marriage certificate and romance doesn't play into the arrangement, but the commitment is there.

"There is a huge commitment," says Hope. "Maybe more commitment than people who are getting married who say 'Well, if it doesn't work out, we'll get divorced.' This is a commitment for life."

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