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New mobile app counts calories

Monday - 11/29/2010, 11:37am  ET

By Darrian D'Olio
Special to

WASHINGTON -- With just a snap of your camera, a new mobile application can help you count calories.

The app, which is being developed in Japan, allows users to take photos of their food with their smartphones and upload them to a website that gives an estimate of how many calories are in the meal. The website contains dietary information on about 100,000 foods.

The app can register portion size of the meal and adjust the calorie count as needed. It can also provide exercise and meal suggestions to counter the calories of the last meal the user has eaten.

One unique app feature lets friends share meal and calorie information with one another.

"People can see how many calories their friends have eaten, which makes them try harder," says a spokeswoman for Japan's NNT Communications. "It basically helps keep people from feeling like they're dieting completely alone."

A free version of the app will be released in Japan in early 2011.

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