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Consumer Reports warns about scammers targeting hotels

Tuesday - 7/29/2014, 10:01am  ET

credit card (AP)
Many scammers are targeting hotel patrons and trying to get their credit card information. (AP)

WASHINGTON -- Are you traveling this summer? Keep in mind scammers may try to prey on you during your hotel stay in creative ways, according to Consumer Reports.

You might get a call on your hotel room phone. "This is the front desk," the voice on the other end may say. "We're having a problem with your credit card. Could you give us the number again?"

Don't fall for it. It could be a call from a thief outside the hotel. Instead, visit the front desk in person to make sure everything is OK.

Consumer Reports says some crafty con artists are printing up fake takeout menus and sticking them under hotel room doors.

Hungry hotel guests who call and place an order with their credit card don't get any food -- they get their credit card information stolen.

Another concern: software installed on computers in hotel business centers that can record your keystrokes.

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