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Websites combine discount deals with coupons

Monday - 10/24/2011, 7:36am  ET

Kristi King,

WASHINGTON -- It can be confusing trying to compare sales in weekly grocery store circulars with coupons that come in newspaper ad packs.

But there are easier ways to double up savings -- at least four different websites do that kind of comparison shopping for you.

For example, shows Safeway has Marie Callender's dinners on sale for $2 each from 10/19-10/25. Then clicking on the associated link pulls up a coupon for another $1 when buying three.

That website also combines weekly deals with coupons for Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, Rite Aid and CVS. details similar food deals at The site doubles up location-specific deals with coupons for items like earrings, magazines, books and electronics.

Some of these deals require more effort than others, though. At, you have to register using an email and password to create an account.

And at, in order to get a DiGiorno pizza for $2.50, you need to combine a Walgreens coupon book coupon with one you can only print out after Liking Digiorno on Facebook.

Some deals also might take some figuring out. shows a deal at CVS where if you buy two American Greeting Cards, you get one free. There's also an accompanying coupon for $1 off for buying three. So, does getting three and paying for two make you eligible for the additional $1 off?

Have fun negotiating that one!

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