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Finding the best pretreatment stain remover

Wednesday - 8/10/2011, 2:37pm  ET

Kristi King,

WASHINGTON - Summer fun can be tough on clothes, but don't throw out grass-stained pants or shirts sprayed with red wine.

Instead, try soaking them in a good stain remover before throwing them in the wash.

Consumer Reports tested stain removers and found that Resolve Laundry liquid is not only the least expensive stain remover tested, it also removes the greatest variety of stains.

Along with grass stains and red wine, Resolve Laundry liquid also takes out motor oil, wine, blood, coffee and sebum, which is the oil created by skin.

Two products from Shout work on all that stuff, except for the wine: Shout Advanced Action Gel and Shout Triple-Acting liquid.

With chocolate though, you're in trouble. None of the stain removers tested by Consumer Reports is excellent at removing cocoa.

As for foam products? Aerosol foam versions of both Shout and Resolve failed to remove some of the six stains tested.

Shout Advanced Stain Lifting Aerosol foam works well on two stains, blood and motor oil. Resolve Foaming Aerosol Laundry only works well on motor oil.

The tests were conducted on polyester/cotton fabric. The stain-removing products were applied to each stain five minutes before washing.

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