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10 things you should never buy used

Sunday - 5/29/2011, 7:49am  ET

WASHINGTON - While driving around town or to the beach, you'll probably come across a yard sale this summer, but keep in mind there are some things that you shouldn't buy used.

The editors of Reader's Digest created a list of the 10 things you should never buy used.

The list includes:

  • Bike or motorcycle helmets - They are meant to help protect in one accident, any damage might not be visible.
  • Child car seats - One that's already been in an accident might not protect your child in another.
  • Tires - A tire that's been in an accident is likely to be unstable and unreliable
  • Wet suits and swimsuits - Just don't buy any used very personal products, especially if they hug your body.
  • Mattresses - Bed bugs, mold, mites, bacteria and bodily fluids could all be in the mattress.
  • Cribs - Hard to verify the safety of a used crib due to the scores of recalls and changing safety standards.
  • Laptops - More likely to be damaged.
  • Plasma Tvs - It's hard to tell how well they are taken care of, and can be very expensive to repair.
  • Shoes - They become molded to the previous owner's feet.
  • Hats - They are rarely cleaned before they are sold.

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