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Tipping: Do you do it for good service or out of obligation?

Wednesday - 3/30/2011, 10:42am  ET

waitress serving beer (AP)
Servers who touch a customer's arm or stoop down to table level tend to make more. (AP)

How well do you tip?

WTOP listeners weigh in.


Max Smith,

UNDATED - When you go out to a restaurant and leave a tip, is it for good service or because you feel obligated?

Several studies show that better service only results in marginally better tips, and there are actually other factors that can get you to really open up your wallet.

A smiley face on the back of the check boosts tips, but only for women who are servers. Complimenting customers works, too.

You'll also probably tip more if you pay with a credit card, or get a special treat, like chocolate along with the bill, according to SmartMoney.

So, do you tip more or less these days and do you only do it for good service? Post a comment in this story on on WTOP's Facebook page or tweet #WTOPtipping.

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