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Cos. you hate compete in ‘worst company brackets'

Thursday - 3/17/2011, 9:25am  ET

Kristi King,

WASHINGTON - Get jerked around by big national companies and many times there's nothing you can do but endure it. You might get satisfaction, however, by helping name and shame the worst company in America.

"The Consumerist Worst Company In America 2011" tournament works like the NCAA basketball tournament with brackets where the worst offenders advance.

Some of the "worst company" faceoffs include United/Continental versus Delta, Toyota versus BP, Apple versus Microsoft and RadioShack versus Best Buy.

"This tournament is about engendering conversation," says Senior Editor Chris Morran, adding that each match-up gives people an opportunity to talk about issues unique to individual companies.

"Our goal hopefully would be that...companies read what people are saying and make systemic changes" to address the underlying problems that help put them on the list.

Morran says this year's front runner is Bank Of America. One complaint customers have had is they repeatedly get mortgage foreclosure notices after calling Bank of America multiple times and being told the issue had been resolved.

"It shouldn't be a complicated problem. If somebody's account is showing up incorrectly, it should be a simple fix."

Morran says some companies in the "Worst Company" brackets have no incentive to change, like last year's winner, the nation's largest Internet and cable provider Comcast.

"Their customer service is just horrendous."

Morran says Comcast gets away with treating customers badly because it doesn't have to care.

"They're generally a monopoly in the areas they are in, so they have no vested interest in actually making their service better because that would cost them money."

Vote and explain your choice to advance the bad company brackets here.

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