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Grocery store rip-offs: Watch out for these

Tuesday - 3/15/2011, 4:00pm  ET

avocados (AP)
You may be paying too much for some produce. (AP)

UNDATED - There's a good chance you're getting ripped off at the grocery store, according to the author of "Eat This, Not That."

David Zinczenko says it's happening from the minute you walk in the door.

Zinczenko says you're paying too much for organic avocados and onions. They're mostly pesticide-free, so you're paying more just for that organic label.

Gluten-free products will set you back three times the price of food that's not gluten free. Unless you are among those with celiac disease, it may not be worth the extra cash and you may actually gain weight.

In the case of tenderloin steaks, expensive doesn't necessarily mean tender or tasty. Switch to a top sirloin instead.

Here are the rest of the ripoffs.

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