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Google Introduces 4 New Features to Improve AdSense

Saturday - 6/22/2013, 6:49am  ET

On the heels of its 10-year anniversary, Google's AdSense has launched four new features to help people decide whether to allow or block ads on their site:

  • Related Ads helps users find similar ads they might allow or block.
  • Impression score lets AdSense users know how popular an ad is. By letting users know which ads have high, medium, and low impressions, this feature details for users the potential revenue impact of blocking or allowing ads.
  • Serving status tells whether an ad is "active" -- an ad that has recently received impressions -- or not. Active ads are more likely to appear over the next few days. Inactive ads show up less and less as time goes on.
  • Historical trend shows how an ad's impression has increased, decreased or remained the same. 

Beyond introducing these tools, Google has revamped the Ad Review Center with a new interface designed to make controls clearer and more intuitive.


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