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2 Instances Where Samsung's Galaxy S4 Crushes iPhone 5

Tuesday - 5/7/2013, 5:00am  ET

South Korean conglomerate Samsung is dead set on ditching its perception as nothing more than a commoditized hardware vendor. To that end, the company has been aggressively focusing on software and services, even though that inevitably entails undermining Google's own.

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 in March, there was literally no direct mention of Google or Android during the presentation, although their presence was understood. Many of Samsung's new features are exact duplicates of some built into Android.

Shortly after the event, much of the tech press derided some of these new features as little more than novelties with little to no real-world use cases. For example, AllThingsD's influential Walt Mossberg called Sammy's software "gimmicky" and "duplicative."

Well, Samsung has released a new ad again targeting Apple directly, showcasing some of these new features while demonstrating two indisputable instances where the Galaxy S4 will always triumph over the iPhone 5.