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1 Company That Could Out-Innovate Google

Tuesday - 4/23/2013, 11:30pm  ET

Baidu  has launched a new research lab in Silicon Valley to capitalize on the new wave on computer science -- something that Google  has yet to really do. Called the "Institute of Deep Learning," the Baidu lab will develop ideas and products to mimc human functions through hardware and software. And if Baidu does this right, investors cold see the Chinese company leapfrog its American counterpart.

Currently, the deep learning market is still nascent -- there are very few products in the marketplace. In fact, there are only two companies with products that come to mind: IBM  and Apple . Many know of IBM's Watson and its ability to solve complex problems more efficiently like diagnosing hospital patients better. You may also know that Apple's voice assistant, Siri, helped the company sell over a million iPhone 4S units in its first twenty-four hours.

Google has made a few key hires to innovate this area, yet, as of now, it sells no real "deep learning" products. Altogether, these companies show that this new computer science field is ripe for marketable innovation.  

And here's where Baidu can take ahold of this huge opportunity to jump ahead. How can investors best follow Baidu's developments? Fool contributor Kevin Chen reveals one quantitative metric that'll help you better piece together the real story of Baidu's innovative dreams. To learn more, watch the video below.

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