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Costamare Matches Previous Dividends

Thursday - 4/11/2013, 2:50am  ET

Costamare has decided not to veer from its existing dividend course. The company declared a quarterly payout of $0.27 per share of its stock, to be paid on May 8 to shareholders of record as of April 24. That amount matches its previous six disbursements. It is also an improvement of $0.02 on Costamare's inaugural dividend payments, which the company began to hand out in Jan. 2011.

The firm had 74.8 million shares of stock outstanding as of the day the dividend was announced. This amounts to a total payout of just under $20.2 million.

The dividend annualizes to $1.08 per share. That yields 6.8% at Costamare's current stock price of $15.88.

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