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Forget Obamacare -- Apple's iPhone Could Help Save Health Care

Sunday - 3/24/2013, 12:00pm  ET

From revolutionary science to the impact of Obamacare, every week The Motley Fool's health care team sits down to discuss the most fascinating developments across the health care industry and their implications for long-term investors. In this week's edition, the team talks about the disruptive potential of a new iPhone app, as well as an FDA inquiry that could have negative implications for some of the pharmaceutical industry's biggest players. In addition, our analysts dive into some of the stocks making big moves over the past week and discuss companies on their radar for the near future.

In the segment below, health care bureau chief Brenton Flynn outlines the FDA's recent approval of a new electrocardiogram app used on Apple's iPhone and speaks to the opportunity for investors, patients, and our health care system as the adoption of mobile health care technologies evolves.

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