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Apple Named King of Cloud Computing

Saturday - 3/23/2013, 10:15am  ET

When it comes to storing most of our online entertainment, Google and its Drive file system isn't top dog. Neither is Microsoft's SkyDrive or's Cloud Drive. The winner? Apple , says a new report from Strategy Analytics.

The survey asked respondents which digital locker services they use to store music or video. iCloud and iTunes topped the list with 27% using Apple's services. Surprisingly, Dropbox ranked second, two percentage points ahead of Cloud Drive.

Source: Strategy Analytics.

Whether or not this is the first time anyone's taken a serious look at the "entertainment cloud," I think it's fair to say that -- up to this point -- we've largely overlooked Apple's growing presence online. How we could not? We're too busy covering efforts by Google and Microsoft to win users to their respective cloud productivity suites.

Let's take a break from that back and forth for a moment and consider a few numbers not included in the Strategy Analytics report, but which reflect the Mac Maker's increasing influence:

Source: Apple.

Imagine if only a third of them were backed up to iCloud. I'm almost surprised Apple doesn't possess a greater share of the entertainment cloud. At the very least, I suspect some of its $140 billion fortune might go to building an overseas data center for serving the increasing number of iOS devices in use in non-U.S. markets.

Put simply: The cloud is expanding fast but, if the data is to be believed, not nearly as fast as iCloud.

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