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3 Reasons to Sell J.C. Penney

Saturday - 1/19/2013, 9:00pm  ET

In the following video, Fool analysts Jeremy Bowman and Isaac Pino examine the bear thesis behind J.C. Penney. CEO Ron Johnson's highly vaunted rebranding strategy has thus far mainly driven customers away. The retailer has gone cash flow-negative, and it may be undone by a crushing debt burden. What's more, the company is heavily in mall real estate that appears to be turning into an albatross in the age of online shopping.

J.C. Penney has been a train wreck whose comeback always seems just around the next earnings corner, but people are beginning to doubt if CEO Ron Johnson can weave the same magic that he did at Apple. For investors wondering whether J.C. Penney is a buy today, you're invited to claim a copy of The Motley Fool's new must-read report on the company. Learn everything you need to know about Penney's turnaround -- or lack thereof -- and as a bonus, you'll receive a full year of expert guidance and updates as key news develops. Simply click here now for instant access.