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Sprint Nextel Is Still Up and Running

Wednesday - 1/16/2013, 2:23pm  ET

Sprint Nextel has recently collaborated with Microsoft  to distribute smartphones throughout the country, utilizing the former’s network and the latter’s Windows 8 operating system. Sprint also has plans to bring out a couple of more handsets from heavy-hitting device manufacturers HTC and Sprint. The operating system, while not the most popular among mobile devices (with Android leading the pack), promises to deliver the virtual experience of the PC, albeit in handheld form. So what do these collaborations hold for investors, partners, and the company itself?

Sprint’s Long-Term Success Stride

Sprint Nextel closed at $5.88, a 1.51% reduction of $0.09 in price, on Jan. 9. While prices have been a tad bumpy for the short-term, one only has to look at its performance for the previous year: its fifty-two-week rates ranged from a low of $2.10 and a high of $6.04, an impressive showing and a slow but steady increase in gains.

Running Alongside Windows    

The upcoming offerings from HTC and Samsung are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to its partnership with these two companies adding to the luster of its shares, Windows is still a popular OS for home computers, one with whom many people over the world are familiar with. The partnership with the aforementioned software and hardware giant will finally get Windows 8 devices into the hands of Sprint subscribers; a move that may seem delayed, but will only serve to bolster their customer roster even more. Another good thing is that the connectivity isn’t just exclusive to home computers or laptops, but other Windows-powered devices like the XBox 360 as well.

The Race is On!                                                

Windows may be the underdog in terms of popular smartphone operating systems, but this move can help Microsoft capture more of the market. With the audience Sprint has, they can make more of a mark with their mobile OS, as well as derive more sales for home computers and consoles using their still-popular systems. On Jan. 9, Microsoft closed at a decent $26.70, up by 0.56% or $0.15, from the previous trading day. Microsoft’s competitor Apple seems to be having a rotten week, as the latter closed at $517.10, an $8.21 reduction from the day before. Both of these stocks, however, are still obviously buys. Apple had a fifty-two week range from a high of $705.07 to a low of $418.66, while Microsoft had a high of $32.95 and a low of $26.26 in the same period.

Is It Time for You to Sprint?

Sprint, one of the largest telecoms in the US today, is one stock that you should watch out for. Its new offerings and partnerships are harbingers of things to come, as is its impressive impact on the telecom industry since its inception. And if you don’t have shares in it yet, the best advice is for you to buy and hold. Good things are in store for the corporation and its investors. Looking at its performance for the past year, things should work out well.

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