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Jordanians protest potential US strike on Syria

Monday - 9/9/2013, 2:50pm  ET

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) -- Around 200 Jordanian activists chanting "America is the head of snake" have protested the anticipated U.S. strike on neighboring Syria.

It was the biggest Jordanian anti-U.S. gathering since President Barack Obama threatened a "limited" strike on Syrian targets in response to an alleged Aug. 21 chemical attack blamed on Bashar Assad's regime. A similar protest last week drew only a couple of dozen activists.

Monday's protest was planned by youth movements affiliated with Marxist and leftist groups, which are usually fiery critics of Washington because they regard its Mideast policy as biased in favor of Israel.

The demonstrators drew parallels between Obama and former U.S. President George W. Bush, calling both "warmongers."

Several dozen Jordanian policemen were on guard near the heavily-fortified embassy.

The protesters later dispersed peacefully.

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