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Italy's Bersani fails to win over 5 Star Movement

Wednesday - 3/27/2013, 10:33am  ET

Former Italian Premier and leader of the center-right coalition Silvio Berlusconi speaks in Rome, Saturday, March 23, 2013. Berlusconi presided over a massive rally in Rome's downtown Piazza del Popolo and said there was "no alternative" to new elections if center-left leader Bersani can't form a strong government. Bersani's forces finished first in the Feb. 24-25 voting and Italy's president on Friday asked him to try to form a government. He has ruled out a coalition with Berlusconi's second-place People of Freedom Party but said Saturday negotiations were possible. Sign reads "Everybody with Silvio". (AP Photo/Roberto Monaldo, Lapresse)

MILAN (AP) -- Italian center-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani says he'll take another 48 hours to seek support for a new government after failing to persuade the anti-establishment 5 Star Movement to back him.

Bersani said Wednesday that Italy needs a government now. But the 5 Star Movement said its lawmakers will not back any established party.

The movement's leader, Beppe Grillo, described the main political party leaders with an off-color term on Twitter and blamed them for robbing young Italians of their future.

Bersani's coalition controls the lower house but not the Senate. He has excluded seeking a deal with former premier Silvio Berlusconi's center-right forces.

If he fails, the president can tap someone else to try to create a government or he can call for a new election.

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