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Woman successfully eats nothing but Starbucks for a whole year

Thursday - 1/2/2014, 12:30pm  ET

Starbucks' pastries were among the foods Beautiful Existence ate for all of 2013. (WTOP File)

WASHINGTON - A woman has accomplished her 2013 New Year's resolution and she may have the caffeine jitters to prove it.

Beautiful Existence, a Seattle 40-year-old, resolved to only eat Starbucks food for an entire year. Now, with a lighter wallet, she is proud to say she accomplished her goal, according to Gawker.

The mother-of-two noshed on the coffee store's pre-packaged salads, sandwiches and seasonal pastries in addition to its beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 365 days.

The feat cost her more than $500 a month, which put her at about $4,000 more than the average adult woman spends on a year's supply of groceries, Gawker reports.

Existence says she is glad the challenge is over, but it has been difficult to add new foods in her diet again. Her first post-Starbucks meal was fish and chips.

"My taste buds have been freaking out for the last 24 hours," Existence told the New York Daily News. "Starbucks doesn't really have anything that's fried, and you can only eat so much after you haven't had stuff like that for a year."

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