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Pittsburgh company converting 50 cabs to propane

Thursday - 5/31/2012, 1:26pm  ET

PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh Transportation Group has begun converting 50 of its taxi cabs to run on propane, a fuel the company says will save its drivers money and pollute less that gasoline.

The company is a subsidiary of Chicago-based Veolia Transportation, which received a $1 million federal grant to convert 300 vehicles to propane in Pittsburgh and through subsidiaries in Baltimore, Denver and Jacksonville, Fla.

Propane typically costs about $1 less per gallon than gasoline. Drives lease the cabs and pay to fuel them, so they'll benefit from the savings.

Officials say propane delivers about 10 percent less mileage than gasoline, and some drivers are concerned about propane vehicles failing to start in cold weather.

The Pittsburgh cabs, however, will be dual-fueled. They'll start running using gasoline, then switch to propane after the engine warms up.

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