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Slugs could bring partial solution to Mark Center traffic woes

Friday - 9/30/2011, 1:30pm  ET

Hank Silverberg,

ANNANDALE, Va. - Those slug lines that work so well for so many commuters in Northern Virginia could become a partial solution to BRAC traffic headaches.

The military will be taking the unusual step of setting up a formal slug line at their new transportation center at the new Mark Center.

Sluggers generally form informal car pools at bus stops and other locations so they can use HOV lanes and save time and money.

"Slug lines are informal, but people will make it work if that is what they choose to do," says Fort Belvoir BRAC coordinator Col. Mark Moffatt.

The Mark Center has only 3,800 parking spaces for the 6,400 people who will eventually work there.

So far only 2,200 of the workers have moved into the Mark Center. All of them won't be there until September of 2012.

There are a growing number of alternatives to riding in a car to get to the Mark Center.

On Saturday, the Alexandria City Council approved a Bus Rapid Transit route between the Van Dorn Metro Rail station and the Pentagon. That would include stops near the Mark Center and Beauregard street.

That line would use dedicated lanes until a planned Streetcar line can be implemented in the future.

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