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Twitter music app to blend tunes, social

Thursday - 3/14/2013, 2:47pm  ET

CBS technology consultant Larry Magid

CBS technology consultant Larry Magid says Twitter's command of social networking and engagement will help its music app.


Ken "Spanky" Moskowitz of Data Doctors

Ken "Spanky" Moskowitz of Data Doctors explains how users will be able to use Twitter's music app.


Neal Augenstein,

WASHINGTON -- Twitter's new music discovery app will make streaming songs easier on mobile devices, while simultaneously engaging Twitter users.

"If you find a song you like, all you have to do is tap the little blue ‘play' button and the song starts to stream to your device, right inside the tweet. That's pretty slick," says Ken Moskowitz, otherwise known as Spanky on WTOP's Data Doctors radio feature.

"Their goal is to simply compete with Pandora and Spotify. Pandora has more than 67 million active users, Spotify more than 24 million. But Twitter is in front of everyone every day, and that's what they're hoping to do -- capture that audience with the power of tweets," Moskowitz says.

"Music has always been very social" says CBS technology consultant Larry Magid. "People listen to music together, they talk about music, they try to discover what their friends are listening to."

Magid says music and music discovery is on the agenda of every social media company, including Facebook and Google.

"It's one of the strong sticky glues that keeps people involved in social media because it's something people not only care about, but want to share with their friends," Magid says.

CNET reports Twitter's music app will have several ways of choosing music to stream, including "suggested" songs and artists based on the people users follow.

A #NowPlaying link in a tweet allows Twitter users to click on the link and hear the song on a mobile device.

Twitter has not confirmed the service, but CNET reports it could be released by the end of March.

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