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Trying to help those who can least help themselves

Sunday - 11/11/2012, 6:59am  ET

NEW YORK (AP) -- The power could be back in in New Jersey this weekend for people affected by Superstorm Sandy and across the region, only homes too damaged to receive electricity will be left out.

The picture is a little different on Long Island, where about 130,000 customers remain without power. Some Long Island residents won't get power until Tuesday. New York's governor has been critical off efforts to get the electricity back on.

Meanwhile, paramedics from all over the country fanned out across the Rockaways section of New York City this weekend to check on shut-ins, the elderly, the disabled and the chronically ill and anyone who might need help. The city has recorded at least two deaths of older men in darkened buildings.

Rationing appears to have eased, but not eliminated lines of drivers waiting to get gas.


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003-a-12-(Carol Harry, Far Rockaway resident, in AP interview)-"I knows nothing"-Far Rockaway resident Carol Harry says Saturday was the first time she was able to start the process of cleaning her home from flood damage, but she remains in the dark about information. (11 Nov 2012)

<> 00:12 "I knows nothing"

047-a-11-(Stephen Wagner, owner, Specialized Cleaning and Flood Restoration, in AP interview)-"on their belongings"-Stephen Wagner, the owner of a flood restoration business, says the storm surge from the superstorm left homes uninhabitable because the water was so filthy. Updated: 11/11/2012-05:23:20 AM ET (11 Nov 2012)

<> 00:11 "on their belongings"

051-a-15-(Governor Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., with reporters while touring storm-damaged Far Rockaway, a section of Queens, N.Y.)-"of being prepared"-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he will hold the utility companies accountable for not restoring power more quickly. ((note background noise in cut)) (11 Nov 2012)

<> 00:15 "of being prepared"

054-a-10-(John Bruckner, spokesman, National Grid, in teleconference)-"linemen coming today"-National Grid spokesman John Bruckner says a crew of about 15,000 is working to get LIPA customers back online. ((note 'today' refers to Saturday)) (11 Nov 2012)

<> 00:10 "linemen coming today"

058-a-14-(Elizabeth Fastiggi (fas-TEE'-jee), volunteer, in AP interview)-"to help out"-Volunteer Elizabeth Fastiggi says she wanted to help other storm victims after her apartment building in lower Manhattan had no power or water for four days. (11 Nov 2012)

<> 00:14 "to help out"

050-a-09-(Governor Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., with reporters while touring storm-damaged Far Rockaway, a section of Queens, N.Y.)-"will take months"-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the recovery is under way, but there is much more work to do. (11 Nov 2012)

<> 00:09 "will take months"

001-w-37-(Martin Di Caro, AP correspondent, with storm victims in Far Rockaway, Queens)--Residents of a storm-ravaged Queens neighborhood continue to wait on long lines to receive supplies, with the only power on their streets coming from humming generators. AP correspondent Martin Di Caro reports. ((opens with sound)) (11 Nov 2012)

<> 00:37

004-r-15-(Sound of workers ripping up floor in flood-damaged home, on Beach 38th Street in Far Rockaway, Queens)--Sound of workers ripping up the floor in a flood-damaged home on Beach 38th Street in Far Rockaway, Queens. (11 Nov 2012)

<> 00:15

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