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Olympic Games break London transport records

Saturday - 8/4/2012, 9:48am  ET

LONDON (AP) - It isn't just the Olympic swimming pool that's seeing records fall.

British transport officials said Saturday that the games have led to the busiest days ever on London's transport network, with a record-breaking 4.31 million journeys counted Thursday on the capital's busy subway system, known colloquially as the Tube.

"Sporting records are being smashed on a daily basis in London, and our world-famous Tube is breaking a few records of its own," London Mayor Boris Johnson boasted in a statement.

There was record-breaking traffic above ground as well, with nearly half a million journeys on the light rail network which serves east London on Monday and a million bicycle rentals recorded in July.

The Tube typically sees about up to 4 million journeys a day, and the previous busiest day in the subway's history was on Dec. 9, 2011, when Christmas shoppers boosted journey figures to 4.17 million. That record fell on Wednesday, when 4.25 million journeys were registered, before being bested again by Thursday's total. A spokesman said Friday's figures were still being computed.

Transport has been a key concern for Olympic organizers, with some wondering whether the capital's stretched transit network would cope. Although there have been some issues, London appears to have avoided any major headaches.



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