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Quest for statehood may go up Pennsylvania Avenue

Tuesday - 7/15/2014, 6:39am  ET

The White House may soon be looking at a change of address. (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON -- A street fight for statehood may go right to the White House.

Arguably, the most famous address in the world is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Tourists, demonstrators and passers-by converge on a daily basis outside the north fence of the White House.

But what if the gathering spot suddenly went by a different name say, 1600 D.C. Statehood Now Boulevard?

Council member Yvette Alexander, of Ward 7, has put forward a resolution to symbolically rename the short stretch of road that runs along the north side of the White House.

"I thought, what better way would [there] be to rename the street that we can refer to with so many tourists visiting the White House," she says.

It's not a prank, she says, but a statement, and another opportunity to call attention to the District's plight.

The road signs would bear that message along one of the most visited places anywhere.

"So that more people are aware that we are not a state, that we pay taxes and that we are not treated like every other citizen of the United States," she says.

Alexander envisions a renaming ceremony with advocates of D.C. statehood. And yes, President Barack Obama would be invited.

The Council will take up the resolution after its summer recess.

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