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National Mall largely unaffected by Sandy

Tuesday - 10/30/2012, 1:20pm  ET

Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The National Park Service says its low-lying monuments and memorials along the National Mall came through superstorm Sandy largely unscathed, and flooding along the Potomac River is not expected to reach the Mall.

Spokeswoman Carol Johnson says there's a slight possibility that the World War II Memorial could experience some minor flooding, but she says the memorial is designed to withstand flooding and would not be damaged.

The Potomac has been forecast to crest at around 9 feet early Thursday morning in Georgetown. Johnson says the Mall's flood-protection system can protect it from crests of 17 feet or higher.

Johnson says there was some minor flooding on Hains Point, the tip of a manmade island that includes a park and a golf course. The park was closed Tuesday.

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