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D.C. Council approves reckless driving changes

Wednesday - 9/19/2012, 7:05pm  ET

WASHINGTON - The D.C. Council has approved a bill that would prevent residents from getting their driver's licenses revoked for what they say are simple speeding tickets in other states.

The bill brings the district's penalties for reckless driving in line with other jurisdictions. It was approved Wednesday on an emergency basis, which means it will be effective for 90 days after Mayor Vincent Gray signs it. A hearing is scheduled for Friday on a bill to make the changes permanent.

Some district residents have lost their licenses for speeding tickets issued in other states, especially Virginia. Some highways in Virginian have 70-mph speed limits, but the state considers driving over 80 mph to be reckless driving. The bill bars the district from automatically revoking licenses after a reckless driving citation.

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